Research Team


Research at the Center for Advanced Subsurface Earth Resource Models (CASERM) is conducted by a large multidisciplinary team of researchers from the Colorado School of Mines and Virginia Tech with expertise in economic geology, geophysics, spatial statistics, high-performance computing, and mining and minerals engineering.


Colorado School of Mines Team Members:

Name Department Field of Study
Stephen Enders Geology and Geological Engineering Au and Cu exploration, development, and operations
Mahadevan Ganesh Applied Mathematics and Statistics Fast, high-order, and high-performance computational algorithms
Richard Goldfarb Geology and Geological Engineering Economic geology; orogenic gold deposits
Alexander Gysi Geology and Geological Engineering Fluid-mineral interactions and element mobilization in the crust
Wendy Harrison Geology and Geological Engineering Geochemistry of fluid-rock interactions
Elizabeth Holley Mining Engineering Mineral exploration, production, processing, and reclamation
David Leach Geology and Geological Engineering Economic geology; carbonate-hosted base metal deposits
Yaoguo Li Geophysics Geophysical inverse theory; gravity, magnetic, and electrical methods in resource exploration
Rael Lipson Geology and Geological Engineering Exploration strategy and targeting; structural controls on gold deposits
Hugh Miller Mining Engineering Mining systems and technology, excavation, health and safety
Thomas Monecke Geology and Geological Engineering Economic geology; geochemistry of hydrothermal ore deposits
Katharina Pfaff Geology and Geological Engineering Mineralogy and mineral chemistry of hydrothermal systems
Andrei Swidinsky Geophysics Integrated EM and seismic methods in applied geophysics
Luis Tenorio Applied Mathematics and Statistics Quantification of uncertainty; design methods for inverse problems
Whitney Trainor-Guitton Geophysics Value of information methodologies and geostatistical modeling
Hua Wang Computer Science Machine learning and data mining
Richard Wendlandt Geology and Geological Engineering Mineralogy and geochemistry of magmatic ore deposits


Virginia Tech Team Members:

Name Department Field of Study
Bob Bodnar Geosciences Fluid inclusions in geological processes
Martin Chapman Geosciences Seismicity and tectonics
Cheng Chen Mining and Minerals Engineering Rock characterization using high-resolution imaging
John Chermak Geosciences Geochemistry of fluid-mineral interactions
Julianne Chung Mathematics Numerical methods and software for inverse problems and imaging applications
Matthias Chung Mathematics Computational methods for inverse problems
Robert Gramacy Statistics Spatial statistics
John Hole Geosciences Exploration seismology
Ryan Pollyea     Geosciences Multi-component fluid flow in fractured media; geostatistics
Nino Ripepi Mining and Minerals Engineering Underground ground control; enhanced fluid production
Eric de Sturler Mathematics Inverse problem solving and optimization; high-performance computing
Tim Warburton Mathematics Numerical methods and computational tools for large scale physical modeling
Erik Westman Mining and Minerals Engineering 3-D seismic time-lapse imaging
Ying Zhou Geosciences Seismic tomography to image subsurface structures


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